ECIMAT-Universidade de Vigo provides support services to marine research activities.

This services are available to all the marine research community from the University of Vigo and from other public or private institutions. 

ECIMAT´s services are structured as follows:

  • Supply of Marine Organisms, Water and Culture media
  • Use of Laboratories, Scientific Equipment and other Infrastructures
    • Laboratories
    • Scientific Equipment
    • Other Infrastructures
  • Sample Processing and Analysis
  • Support Services to Research Activities at Sea (Sampling Support, Diving Jobs, Diving equipment, etc.)
  • Other Support Services to Research (Development of Experimental Cultures, Technical Advising on Marine Organisms Experimentation, etc.)
  • R&D Services (Scientific/Technological Services provided by the Research groups affiliated to the ECIMAT)

To request a service press here.